Oracle’s The Forty 4 is YOU! This program was designed with you in mind. Oracle supports many different programs, including mainstage shows, outreach programs, late night programming and volunteer work. We cannot do it alone. We depend on people like you to support all the programming at Oracle, so everyone has the chance to enjoy the arts. Giving even at the $10 level provides twelve public access seats to performances each season. 

The program is simple. Sign up once for a certain level of giving. Each month that amount will automatically be deducted from the account you sign up with. It’s really that easy to support all the wonderful programming Oracle has to offer, while at the same time, you having the chance to do community service each and every month. Where else can so little do so much to ensure everyone has access to high-quality live performing arts?

Join The Forty4 1 Time Donation

Sponsor benefits

  • Tax Deductible under code IRS 501c3
  • Guaranteed advanced seating (entire season)
  • Private email notification of other free events in Chicago
  • Private sponsor events
  • Free film screenings
  • Keeping Theatre Free
  • The joy of giving back
  • Our never-ending devotion