About Oracle B*Sides

More free art by more artists for more people.

Oracle B*Sides is an arts service initiative devoted to giving artists the opportunity to produce their work in Public Access Theatre.

Groups of artists submit project proposals for consideration. Once accepted, Oracle provides space, production and fundraising mentorship, and technical resources at no cost to the visiting artists – on one condition: the piece is offered to the community for free through Public Access Theatre.

Whether you are part of an established production company, or a group of artists working together for the first time – consider producing with Oracle B*Sides. Help us spread a love for art worldwide.

We accept proposals year round. If you are interested in producing with Oracle B*Sides, send an email to info@publicaccesstheatre.org.

Please include a few details:

  • Name of primary contact(s) for the project
  • Official title / author or working title for devised pieces
  • General timeframe for production (If accepted, we will work with you on specific dates)
  • Brief description of the piece
  • Statement of Goals for working with Oracle B-Sides (Why is “Art for All” important to you?)
  • A brief bio
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