Awards and Accolades

We are honored and grateful for the recognition we receive by fulfilling our mission: free art for all.  The awards listed below are a testament to the belief that Oracle gives everyone everywhere the chance to experience the arts.  We wish to say a few words of thanks:

  • To our artists and volunteers: we are humbled by your talent and dedication.
  • To all the audience members who joined us in Public Access Theatre™: we do this for you.
  • To our sponsors: we owe it all to you.

2014 Jeff Awards

2015 Jeff Awards

2016 Jeff Awards

2014 Broadway in Chicago Emerging Theater Award


Features and Interviews:

Yes, All Men (Need to Listen): Making Room for Womanhood in the American Theatre – Rachel Bykowski for Howlround, November 2016

You Have to Want It: Diversity in Ensemble Theatres – Monty Cole for Howlround, April 2016

Breaking Through Bars: The Bold Vision Behind Oracle Theatre’s The Hairy Ape – Howlround interview with Monty Cole, March 2016

Why These Theater Companies are Casting Women in Male Roles – Catey Sullivan for Chicago Magazine, October 2015

“Should art be free for all?” – Don Hall and Tyler Greene on WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift, August 2014

CHIRP Theatre Off Book interview with Ben Fuchsen and Brad Jayhan-Little

Interview with Ben Fuchsen and Brad Jayhan-Little on Talk!

Executive Producer Ben Fuchsen Speaks at Chicago Creative Expo 2012

Thinking Outside the Black Box – Chicago Reader, August 2010

Letters to and Regarding Chicago Theater –, October 2009

Oracle Productions Sees Into the Future –, September 2009