Public Access Theatre


Everyone at Oracle believes that art is necessary to live a full life. So, we worked with great artists to create great art to share with as many citizens as possible. And we give it to them for free. We call this model Public Access Theatre™.

To fund this endeavor, we depended on The Forty 4 – a community of sponsors who contributed as little as $5 per month, to as much as $10,000 or more per year.

During our six years of Public Access Theatre (2010-2016), we served 47,623 people. 

The idea for Public Access Theatre was born out of 2 different desires:

  • Everyone at Oracle wanted to devote themselves to serving the community.
  • Everyone at Oracle wanted to expand the artistic programming and opportunities at Oracle.

Almost all theatre and production companies depend on ticket sales to generate revenue for their organizations. We acknowledge the importance of this model, which helps many of the world’s finest arts institutions flourish and grow. However, consider your favorite NPR station, PBS station, or even your church: the board, the staff, and the artists come together with an idea for a program, they work to find funding for it, and they present it to the community free of charge.

Oracle retrofitted that model into every aspect of our organization.

And we changed the way people experience the arts.

We don’t want to leave anyone behind. You can’t live without art. So, let’s make art for all.

In 1984, Bread and Puppet Theatre in Vermont proclaimed:

“Art is food. You can’t eat it but it feeds you. Art has to be cheap and available to everybody. It needs to be everywhere because it is the inside of the world.”

Enough said.