Eli Branson Headshot 2


Eli Branson, Company Member

Why free art for all?

When we make art — whatever art we’re making — we’re cracking open and showing a little bit of our soft underbelly.  We’re asking the world to take a look around our insides and take something, some impression, home with them. And if it’s something you want to share with everyone, you have to make it accessible to everyone.

Eli is brimming with pride at being a newly-minted Oracle Company member!  Offstage, he enjoys cats, coffee, cooking and molding the minds of tomorrow through occasional teaching!  Eli has been with Oracle for 4.5 (counting a remount) productions and can’t wait for more! Other Chicago Credits include work at Northlight Theatre, Porchlight Music Theatre, Pavement Group, First Folio Theatre, Provision Theatre, Li’l Buds Children’s Theatre, Hobo Junction and others. Love to family and Seanbug.