After the sudden death of the King of Denmark, the nation’s grief takes drastic forms. The Queen marries her brother-in-law, whose behavior is increasingly controlling and erratic. A trusted advisor of the old regime struggles to find fitting in the new order as his daughter and son try to put their lives back together. And the young prince Hamlet, who has been deeply affected by his father’s death, finds his customary mourning deepened and twisted as he questions the loyalties of his family and friends.

In a new cutting of the play that emphasizes the world and people that surround Hamlet, an ensemble of nine actors portrays nine people struggling for normalcy in a traumatized world. Performed directly on the set of Oracle’s mainstage show, this production explores the upside-down world not only of Hamlet himself, but of each of the play’s compromised characters.

This production of Hamlet by William Shakespeare, directed by Benno Nelson, features Griffin Sharps, Hilary Williams, Alexander Lane, David Weiss, Kitty Mortland, Phillip Meyer, Miriam Mintz, Les Rorick, and Tim Cunningham. The stage manager is Alice Magelssen, the assistant director is Christopher Shea, and the associate producer is Miranda Sklaroff.