Johnard has been a company member at Oracle since late 2015. There he has been seen inThis House Believes the American Dream is at the Expense of the American Negro, and the Theatre on the Lake remount of The Hairy Ape. Johnard has also been a company member of Red Tape Theatre since 2013. Credits include Lear, The Skriker, Elephant’s Graveyard, and The Walk Across America for Mother Earth. Johnard also enjoys working with the lovely folks at First Floor Theatre: Twain’s World, Polaroid Stories. Red Theatre Chicago: Three Soldiers for Sisters. Citadel theatre: How We Got On. Johnard felt really famous when he understudied Tim Hopper and Sean Parris in Steppenwolf’s The Compass. Graduate of SMU Theatre, represented by Stewart Talent.  Upcoming: Hand in Hand with Akvavit Theatre, Fall 2016.

Why Free Art for All?

To the best of my beliefs, we are all creators.  That innate creativity that we all possess expresses itself differently from person to person and is only strengthened and magnified when shared directly with others.  Oracle is a place where I feel that truly exists for me as a (relatively) young artist. I respect it’s all inclusion. I respect its focus on art that speaks to our community. I respect this model because, at bottom, it brings all demographics together in our current world state of separation. We may not agree on all things, like all the art we see, or agree with all the choices made. But nevertheless, you are ALWAYS welcome to Public Access Theatre.