August 10, 2013 – September 7, 2013
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Oracle B*Sides presents PINK MILK, a new play by Alex Paul Young, in a co-production with White Elephant, a new Chicago theatre collective.

PINK MILK is a drama infused with dance inspired by the life of Alan Turing, the British mathematician known as the father of modern computers, this poetic and compelling new play is directed by Brandon Powers.Alan is a lonely, gay, Snow White obsessed boy genius who meets Christopher, a gentle boy with a passion for piano as deep as Alan’s passion for pi. Their intellects clash in a symphony of science and art. And as soon as he is there, Christopher is gone. Alan grows older building technology to replace his lost love. Until the fateful day Alan meets Arnold, a reckless boy seemingly with a passion for Alan. But Arnold’s sensual and supposed princely promise leads to the poisoned apple that causes Alan’s life to spiral out of control. Through movement, poetry and music, PINK MILK is an experience that explores a rich fantasy world while navigating complex topics from our present reality. “As a reaction to the media’s coverage of Tyler Clementi’s suicide, I wanted to explore the emotional truth of the life of Alan Turing, whose avant-garde approach to computer science was stunted by society’s refusal to include his queer lifestyle into their world,” says playwright Alex Paul Young.

Hailed by Newcity Stage as one of the Top 5 New Plays of 2012, Mr. Young wrote PINK MILK while pursuing his undergraduate degree at Northwestern University. After its initial premiere on campus by the student group Vertigo Productions, the play journeyed to FringeNYC and Chicago Fringe, where it saw sold-out performances and enthusiastic feedback. Now, PINK MILK is coming back to Chicago as a part of Oracle B*Sides, presented for free in Public Access Theatre.

White Elephant is a theatre collective that curates immersive experiences that break theatrical form to bring people together across disciplines and communities.

The Cast

Aaron Stephenson as Alan
Cole Doman as Christopher
Charlie Kolarich as Arnold/Mr. Turing
Darren Barrere as The Experiments
Jessica Dean Turner as The Authority Figures
Caitlin Collins as The Mothers
Carrie Drapac as The Inanimate Objects
Casey Hartley (u/s)
Amelia Hefferon (u/s)
Scott Shimizu (u/s)
Justin Leider (u/s)

The creative team features Emma Pardini (Scenic & Prop Design), Jessica Carson (Lighting Design), Cassandra Bowers (Costume Design), and Juli Del Prete (Graphic Design). Rachel Stubblefield-Tave is Stage Manager. Rachel Birnbaum and Louis Schermerhorn are Producers. Alex Paul Young, Breanne Ward, Abby Schwarz and Naomi Rosen are White Elephant theatre collective members. David Boren is Director of Programming for Oracle Productions, and Ben Fuchsen is Executive Producer.

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