The Revenge of Radio Goggles

RADIO GOGGLES is back, so bring the whole family!  As a finale to our stellar third season in Public Access Theatre, Oracle is proud to announce the next installment of the series that audiences love – just in time for the holidays. THE REVENGE OF RADIO GOGGLES opens November 9, and runs through December 14, 2013 at Oracle Theatre (3809 N Broadway in Chicago). Performances are Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights at 8PM. Sundays are devoted to touring area nursing homes and retirement communities.

Opens Saturday, November 9 at 8PM
Through Saturday, December 14, 2013.
No performances Thanksgiving weekend.

Friday, Saturday and Monday nights at 8PM
Sundays are devoted to touring to nursing homes.

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“The Red Wind”, episode 1 from THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE 
Original airdate: September 9, 1948
Directed by Ben Fuchsen (Oracle’s Executive Producer)
Anything can happen when the hot, dry winds from the Santa Ana’s pummel Los Angeles – and murder is just the beginning. When a man asking about a woman in a bolero jacket is shot down right in front of Philip Marlowe, our favorite Private Eye becomes engulfed in a strange affair that gets hotter as the Red Wind fans the flames. Performed with overhead projector illustrations designed by Michal Janicki, this gritty hard-boiled detective story plays out like a live-action comic book. From the pen of Raymond Chandler, Oracle stages another episode of their favorite series, THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE!

 “The Plot to Overthrow Christmas”, from Cresta Blanca’s THIS IS MY BEST
Original airdate: December 19, 1945
Directed by K. Hannah Friedman (Oracle’s Director of Community Outreach)
Orson Welles stars in the twisted holiday classic, THE PLOT TO OVERTHROW CHRISTMAS. When all the fiends of Hell decide to assassinate Santa Claus, it falls to Nero to carry it through. Join us for this epic journey from Hades to the North Pole, guided by such characters as Sotto Voce, Mephisto, and even a Russian spy. Welles put it best when he called this play “a delicious and utterly delirious rigadoon!”

 “The Haunted Bagpipes”, episode 118 from THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES
Original airdate: February 17, 1947
Directed by Kristin Davis (Oracle debut)
Sherlock Holmes has heard rumors of a ghostly bagpiper haunting the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland and decides to investigate.  Is this really an evil spirit or does something even worse await Sherlock and Dr. Watson?  THE HAUNTED BAGPIPES is a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery brought to life on stage through movement and shadow.

10 actors comprise the three casts. Marty Green reprises his role as PHILIP MARLOWE. Charlotte Long will be featured in the role voiced by Orson Welles. Other returning artists include Alex Levin, Tim Larson, Molly Buyske, Kat Ochsner, Shawn Wilson, Leana Savoie, Susan Myburgh, and Moira Begale

Eric Van Tassell designs lights; his work at Oracle includes THE GHOST SONATA, for which he was nominated for a 2011 Jeff Award, as well the THE MOTHER in 2013. Skye Geerts is Costume Designer for all 3 shows. The show is produced by K. Hannah Friedman and Ben Fuchsen.