Oracle Productions presents…


part of The Radio Movement
written and directed by Hannah Friedman and Laura Nessler

On tour to local senior communities and medical facilities March 22 – April 19, 2014
Special Public Access Theatre performance on April 18 at 10PM

Reserve Your Seats Now

In 1943, the world is changing faster than ever while a young American woman named Judith passes the days with little more than a radio and her imagination. When she discovers the WASP (Women’s Airforce Service Pilots), she sees a chance to literally fly away from everything she knows. SWEETWATER tells the story of how she faces obstacles small and large as she reaches for her dreams. The ultimate sacrifice becomes how much of herself she’s willing to hide in order to take flight.

Makha Mthembu
Maegan Jenkins
Molly Buyske
Alex Levin


Women Airforce Service Pilots, a group of women who tested and transported planes during WWII.

1. An NPR piece about WASPs

2. A short clip from an interview with the first black pilot to drop a bomb in WWII

“Girls are very serious about their chance to fly for the Army…even when it means giving up nail polish, beauty parlors and dates for a regimented 22-½ weeks”
– LIFE Magazine, July 19th, 1943