CHRISTOPHER NEIL – Board member – Founding Member

When we started this company, it was really all about having the opportunity to do the work we wanted to do.  We sought more to create those opportunities than to seek them out.  Not-For-Profit seemed like a reasonable avenue to pursue, rather than to try to create in the For-Profit Model as many of our friends were doing.  That small decision back in the beginning turned out to be the stone’s throw that rippled outward into the huge idea that is “Free Art For All”.  It has become our very mission, to produce art, to create those opportunities for other artists, whether well-established or just getting started, in a way that is completely limitless.  The Public Access Theatre Model is what this little idea has turned into, and it’s thriving.

I am a founding member of Oracle Productions, and have been here over the years to see some incredible work come out of this company.  I have been active in the growth of this company both onstage and behind the scenes.  In my current role as member of the board of directors, I help to facilitate the opportunity for other artists to share their passion and their work in the venue of theatre.   By helping to keep funding and programming in place, I ensure that the artists are free to do what they do best.

Oracle Productions NFP Artistic Credits Include:

2/2010-current                                  Member                                              Board of Directors

11/2009-2/2010                                Set Designer                                      THE CASTLE

11/2007-12/2007                            Associate Producer                        SHOW GAME LIVE

10/2007                                                Ensemble                                            DISTURBED II

7/2007-9/2007                                Set Designer                                       THE ACTORS NIGHTMARE

2/2007-5/2007                                 Set Designer                                      TAPE

8/2006-11/2006                                Actor                                                   LINE

4/2006-7/2006                                  Assistant Director                          LAKE STREET EXTENSION

12/2004-2/2005                                Associate Producer                       RAPUNZEL

10/2002-11/2002                              Actor                                                   J.B.

3/2002-4/2002                                   Actor                                                   A BOYS LIFE

1/2002-2/2002                                   Associate Producer                       THE DUMBWAITER