Amy Hopkins


Why Free Art For All?
Art is meant to be shared, to express our emotions and our ideas to the world. We use art to celebrate, to question, to protest, to suggest. We use art to open a conversation on where we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. By providing Free Art For All, Oracle is making that conversation accessible to everyone in the community. By reaching out to audiences in house, throughout the community and across the globe, Oracle is providing an outlet for artists to express themselves as well as for audience members and patrons to experience and join in themselves. This community is what makes Free Art For All important to me – the opportunity of providing and sharing our artistic stories and ideas with everyone.

Amy is most at home with a script, spreadsheets, and a booth. With Oracle, she stage managed Blood Wedding and Radio Goggles! as well as serving as production manager for Ironmistress and The Return of Radio Goggles!. Elsewhere around Chicago, she has worked with Waltzing Mechanics (EL Stories), Hubris Productions (All Childish Things, Butley), Hobo Junction (Horrible, The Regulars, Hobo Robo 3), and Commedia Beauregard (Corleone, A Klingon Christmas Carol).