Accidental Death of an Anarchist
By Dario Fo
Translated by Jon Laskin and Michael Aquilante
Directed by Ben Fuchsen*

Opens January 19, 2013
Through March 2, 2013
Friday, Saturday, and Mondays at 8PM | Sundays at 7PM
Admission is FREE in Public Access Theatre


We’re up to our necks in shit, but at least we have our heads held high!

The hilarious satire that turned a real life scandal into an infamouse piece of agit prop art. After the 1969 bombing of the Piazza Fontana building in Milan, police arrested a known anarchist in suspicion of this terrorist activity. During his interrogation, the anarchist fell to his death from a 4th story window. Dario Fo’s famous play picks up after these events when a character called The Maniac infiltrates the police station to catch these corrupt cops in a lie. Was the death “accidental” or was the poor lad defenestrated? Oracle’s production of ANARCHIST is complete with risky clown business, a few dance numbers, and a dash of audience inclusion.

Holly Cerney as The Maniac
Rory Jobst* as Officer 1 and Officer 2
Michael Menendez as Inspector Bertozzo
Brian Hurst as Inspector Pissani
Victoria Gilbert as The Commissioner
Anya Clingman as Feletti the Reporter

Joan Pritchard* (Costume Design), Eleanor Kahn (Scenic Design), Liz Sutherland (Lighting Design), Adam Penly (Composer, Sound Design), and Evelyn DeHais (Graphic Design).

With Intermission Choreography by Kasey Foster.

 Laura K. Smith*  (Assistant Director), and Allison Goetzman (Stage Manager). Production Manager is Kathleen Dickinson, and the show is produced by Tony Santiago. Max Truax* is Artistic Director of Oracle Theatre.

Please Note: there are no performances on February 8, 9, 10, 11.

* denotes Oracle Company Member