Aperture – Take 5

Oracle Film presents…

Aperture Series
Take 5 – David A. Holcombe

Screening: GRAFFITO


We are very sorry, this film screening has been pushed to a later date.


Admission is FREE in Public Access Theatre

September 11, 12, and 13, 2014, at 8:00 pm
September 14, 2014, at 7:00 pm

Oracle Film is excited to showcase the work of David A. Holcombe.  We will be screening his latest feature film, GRAFFITO, which was produced through Holcombe’s company, Soft Cage Films.  Q & A sessions will follow along with a special filmmaker reception.

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GRAFFITO tells the story of a graffiti artist struggling to express himself within the context of an increasingly digitized and violent world that encourages disconnect and apathy. The film endeavors to present a vibrant and beautifully complex artistic community thriving in the Logan Square/Avondale neighborhoods of Chicago by using local crew, local actors, musicians, painters, graffiti artists, and locations; the film also strives to elevate art as a means of cultural expression rather than glossy entertainment.

Starring:  Antonio Brunetti, Michelle M. Oliver, Kristin T. King, Brittany Ellis, Natalie DiCristofano, Keegan Siebken, Emma Peterson, Adam Shalzi, Carl Wisniewski, Jordan Hoisington, David Steiger, Jill Oliver, Heather Mingo, Nicole Wiesner, and Andrew Taylor

Intended for Mature Audiences


Aperture Series is hosted by Oracle Film. Each series consists of a weekend dedicated to showcasing the films of individual independent filmmakers, providing them with an audience while offering free screenings to the community through Oracle Production’s Public Access Theatre model.


David attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his time at the university he traveled extensively across the globe to such locations as: Brazil, South Africa, India, Burma, Vietnam, China, and Japan.  David made the move to Chicago and became involved with Trap Door Theatre where he was the Production Stage Manager for the Midwest premiere of The Beastly Bombing and No Darkness Round My Stone as well as acting in The Swan, Howard Barker’s Minna, internationally renowned Romanian playwright Matei Visniec’s Horses at the Window, Werner Schwab’s Overweight, Unimportant: Misshape directed by Steppenwolf’s Yasen Peyankov, Anger/Fly, and The Balcony. David was also privileged to work and travel with Trap Door on three European tours!An intrepid world traveler, David was drawn to Trap Door’s mission and, specifically, its absurdist and European roots.  He is a proud Trap Door company member.  As a part of Chicago’s independent film community, David has had the opportunity to not only appear in several acclaimed films as an actor but also work behind the scenes as a writer, director and a producer.

Soft Cage Films NFP produced his first feature film, YELLOW (retitled CITY OF LUST). David wrote, directed, edited, and partially funded YELLOW, which was recently picked up by international distributor Maxim Media.  This past summer he worked as cinematographer and editor for a feature length documentary in Spain called HOUSE OF GODS about a man who has dedicated his life to living without money and serving others.  David works as videographer for several local theater companies and produces experimental video installations.  David continues to learn from other passionate artists.  He would like to thank his beautiful wife, Michelle, and their new baby, Teddy!

Soft Cage Films’ next feature film will explore foreclosures, biocentrism, and reality.