Oracle Theatre presents


by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
adapted by Gore Vidal
directed by Kasey Foster

Opens October 11, 2014
Through November 22, 2014

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ROMULUS is Dürrenmatt’s tragicomic rehashing of the fall of the Roman Empire under the supervision of its final emperor.  Or, according to the Swiss absurdist playwright, it’s an “historical play with no historical basis.”  The barbarian hoards are at the gates, the city is in shambles, and Romulus sits back to count the eggs laid by his prize chickens. Everyone around him is confounded by his willingness to surrender – it is suicide!  As his home crumbles and his wealth is drained, our antihero asks for more wine.  However, it’s all part of his plan: let the morally bankrupt empire collapse and restore balance to the world.  Gore Vidal’s 1962 adaptation serves as a cautionary tale about the current crisis of American government: if the empire collapses, will the new empire be any better?  Oracle is transformed into the pool patio of a derelict mansion where audiences join Romulus’s garden party of abdication.

ROMULUS is produced in special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Photos by Joe Mazza, Brave Lux


Kevin Cox as Romulus
Susan Wingerter as Julia
Alexis Randolph as Rea
James Errico as Zeno
Colin Morgan as Aemilian and Theodoric
Miguel Nunez as Ottaker and Metellus
Rory Jobst* as Tullius
Luke Daigle as Titus and Apollonius and S#2
Kathryn Bartholomew* as Achilles
Sabrina Conti as Pyramus
Jeremy Trager as Otto Rupf


Director – Kasey Foster
Playwright – Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Adaptation by Gore Vidal
Set Design – Joanna Iwanicka
Lighting Design – Eric Van Tassell
Sound Design – Kevin O’Donnell
Costume Design – Eli Hunstad, Tara Smith
Makeup Design – Tara Smith, Kasey Foster, Luke Daigle and Cast
Makeup Consultants – Trina McGee, Kelcey Melvin

Props Master – Tony Santiago*
Paint Charges – Joanna Iwanicka, Brigitte Conrad
Carpenters – Justin Snyder*, James Ogden*

Producer – Tony Santiago*
Stage Manager – Deirdre Connelly
Technical Director(s) – Justin Snyder*, James Ogden*
Assistant Director – Kevin Cox
Casting Director – Lyndsay Rose Kane
Graphic Design by Evelyn DeHais
Photography by Joe Mazza, Brave Lux

Max Truax* is Artistic Director
Ben Fuchsen* is Executive Producer
Brad Jayhan-Little* is Executive Director

*denotes Oracle Company Member


Designed by Evelyn DeHais

Designed by Evelyn DeHais