CASEY PEEK: Audience Concierge

Why Public Access Theatre?

I am¬†interested in Public Access Theatre because art should be readily available to anyone who wants to and needs to see it. The arts are necessary now more than ever to unite and to broaden everyone’s understanding and compassion. Oracle provides a space for that to happen and I could not be prouder to help facilitate the interactions between audience and the performance.


Casey is a freelance stage manager in Chicago who has worked for The Hypocrites, Silk Road Rising, Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company, and others. Casey also has a passion for ticketing and works at The Joffrey Ballet and The Hypocrites in addition to Oracle Productions. Casey is a major David Bowie fan, lover of Shonda Rhimes, and proud feminist. Theatre is great too and she’s forever grateful to spend her time getting paid to do it.