Why Public Access Theatre?

The audiences at Oracle Productions have been the most diverse audiences I’ve ever seen, all thanks to Public Access. I’ve heard it said before that as soon as you put a price on art – any price – you begin to exclude people, and we absolutely cannot have that. The people that are excluded are often the ones that need the art the most. You put a group of people from all different backgrounds and perspectives and have them see a challenging piece of theatre or film, you’re going to begin a dialogue. As that dialogue finds its way out of the building and into the world, that’s when it begins to get interesting.


Cody has worked with Oracle in The Motherplaying The Teacher, and in a Radio Goggles holiday outreach production as Orson Welles. He has also worked with The Goodman, Chicago Shakespeare, Sideshow (where he is an Artistic Associate), Strawdog, Lifeline, TheatreSeven, Red Tape, the Back Room Shakespeare Project and multiple seasons at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. He received a BFA in Theatre Performance and a Minor in Dance at Wichita State University, where he began his movement training under Nicholas Johnson, Director of Dance at WSU, Artistic Director of Alithea Mime Theatre and founder of the School for Mime Theatre in Gambier, OH. Much love to his families, both artistic and personal.