LAUREN YARBROUGH: Managing Director

Why Free Art For All?

I believe in Free Art for All because you shouldn’t have to have $40 that you can afford to blow on an unknown in order to experience art. Because I believe in the brutal democracy of street theatre and Shakespeare in the Park, because live theatre is a gift and we should be able to receive it that way, and because I want My Folks to come see my work, even though My Folks are broke, marginalized, and don’t often feel welcome in the theatre world. Because I don’t like feeling like a class traitor while doing the thing I love to do.

I want My Folks to experience the privilege of taking a chance on something they may not entirely like, understand, or easily digest, and most of all, I want them to have the chance to fall in love with it.


Lauren Yarbrough is a producer, writer and compulsive list-maker of proud St. Louis origins. Her past producing work includes THE HAIRY APE, NO BEAST SO FIERCE, THE AMERICA PLAY and both runs of THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THE AMERICAN DREAM IS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE AMERICAN NEGRO (Oracle Productions), as well as THE AUGUST WILSON NEW PLAYS INITIATIVE FESTIVAL (Congo Square Theatre), THE MEMORY BANK (Pivot Arts), and CLOUD MAN (Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker). As a stage manager, you may also have seen her work for plays including TRAFFORD TANZI (Prologue Theatre), THEY DIED WHERE THEY LIED (Akvavit Theatre), THE BEAUTIFUL DARK (Redtwist Theatre world premiere), or SIX DEAD QUEENS AND AN INFLATABLE HENRY! (Piccolo Theatre).

She is also an alumna of Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri and the eldest of six progressively taller Yarbroughs. She lives uptown with her partner, a lot of books, and a more or less living houseplant named Cthulhu.