Design credit: Kristan Saloky

Od Theatre Company presents MixTape: Greatest Hits

presented at Oracle in Public Access Theatre

Admission is FREE in Public Access Theatre.

Performance Dates
October 7 & 8
Party starts at 9PM. Show starts at 10PM.

Y’all remember mixtapes, right?  Do you remember making them? The butterflies and time spent getting the song order JUST RIGHT for that special someone? The pride you felt when you passed it off like “you’re gonna love it!” Thinking to yourself, “now they will know REAL music and the REAL me.” That’s the love we bring in creating our MixTape shows. This time we are throwing it back with some good ol’ MixTape favorites of years past.

MixTape is Od Theatre’s late night show of live music videos (yeah, you read that right) followed by a set from local Chicago musicians. One part performance, one part party, all fun. Stick around, grab a brew, and dance it out.

Featuring Pieces Created By:

Noah Appelbaum, Claire Bauman, Rachel Copel, Micah Figueroa, Brian Gartland, Kelly Nesheim, Glenn Potter, Kristan Saloky, and Tony Santiago.  

Directors: Rachel Copel + Naomi Lindh

Lighting Design: Brandon Moorhead

Sound Design: Cooper Forsman

Oracle Theatre
1802 W. Berenice Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613


Oct. 7th Musical Guest: Sugarpulp

Oct. 8th Musical Guest: Pirates!

We’ll be getting classy as f*ck with a cocktail hour in the lobby at 9. Pre-show tunes begin at 9:30pm. And by cocktail we mean PBR and a shot of whiskey (have you met us?)

And who the hell is Od Theatre?

Od Theatre Company is a ragtag collective of interdisciplinary theatre artists committed to and connected by our need to tell stories. We are dedicated to creating original, fun, and physically engaged theatre with the aim to engage audiences with new and heightened theatrical experiences.