Oracle presented THE ORIGINAL RADIO GOGGLES as both its mainstage finale for the 2010/2011 season, as well as its second Outreach offering for senior citizens. In 2011, Oracle’s Outreach program brought this unique style of theatre to 18 nursing homes in the Chicagoland area. Our shows were seen by 546 individuals.

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Episode #2 “The Persian Slippers”
Original Airdate: October 3, 1948

Written in the hard-boiled style of Raymond Chandler, “The Persian Slippers” follows Marlowe’s investigation of a routine case on behalf of a suspicious husband. As circumstances don’t add up, Marlowe finds himself the sole witness to a murder and trying to prevent a suicide that isn’t all it seems to be. “The Persian Slippers” is Oracle’s second installment from the Philip Marlowe series, following last year’s popular “The Hairpin Turn”. Played in the style of 1940’s film noir, Oracle brings this classic radio whodunit to startling life.

Directed by: Karen Yates

Martin Green as Philip Marlowe
DeChantel Kosmatka as Norma Delaney, and others
Michael Graham as Carl Delaney, and others
Kat Ochsner as Madame Jeanette, and others
Joe Beal as Pier Gillum, and others

My Favorite Husband
Episode #66 “The French Lesson”
Original Airdate: December 9, 1949

Lucille Ball was one of America’s first true television stars. Before “I Love Lucy”, she created and starred in “My Favorite Husband”, a hit CBS radio show that was the inspiration for “I Love Lucy”. “The French Lesson” is a classic sit-com scenario in which Liz Cooper finds herself in the flattering and awkward circumstance of having her debonair French tutor making outlandish passes at her. A happily married woman, she responds with all of Lucille Ball’s familiar comic antics. Oracle’s cast combines farce and physical comedy to create a stage performance reminiscent of Lucille Ball’s onscreen persona.

Directed by Laura K Smith

Victoria Gilbert as Liz Cooper (Lucille Ball’s character)
Rob Winnie as George Cooper
Sam Church as Iris Atterbury, and others
Ben Veatch as Rudolph Atterbury
Matt Allis as Jacques Duval, and others

Episode #103 “Cara”
Original Airdate: May 1, 1954

Before becoming a popular television series, Gunsmoke was a long-running weekly radio series recounting the tales of Marshal Matt Dillon’s efforts to uphold justice in the Wild West. The story of “Cara” has us wondering how Dillon will handle an old flame that comes to town – and the dark past that follows her in. The situation has Marshal reeling to unravel the mystery of Cara’s unexpected presence and the confusion of his own unearthed emotions.

“Cara” is Oracle’s second installment from the Gunsmoke series. Like last fall’s “Trouble in Kansas”, it promises to capture the stoic nobility and excitement of America’s classic western genre.

Directed by Ben Fuchsen

Jackson King* as Marshal Matt Dillon
Eli Branson as Chester Proudfoot
Sam Church as Kitty
Rob Winnie as Sheriff Bensen, and others
Ben Veatch as Doc, and others
Kat Ochsner as Cara

Production Team
Set Design – James Ogden*
Costume Design -Joan Pritchard*
Sound Design – Jonathan Guillen –
Light Design – Eric Van Tassell
Graphic Design – Evelyn DeHais –
Stage Manager – Amy Hopkins
Outreach Director – Max Truax*
Executive Director – Brad Jayhan-Little*
Artistic Director – Ben Fuchsen*

*denotes Oracle Company Member