The Rorsky Plays
An evening of one-act plays by Rory Jobst

Beckett, Andre the Giant and the Crickets
While living in rural France, Irish Nobel-winning playwright Samuel Beckett drove his friend’s son, Andre Rousimoff, to school, because the 12-year-old boy was too big to fit in the local school bus. This boy would grow up to become the iconic professional wrestler, Andre the Giant. Inspired by a true story, this one-act imagines one particular drive to school, chock full of Beckett’s existential absurdities and Andre’s zest for life. This a remount of a successful production at this year’s Rhinoceros Theatre Festival.

Daniel Day Lewis and the Big Potatas
Masha, a cute female film geek runs into famed method Daniel Day-Lewis in a pet cemetery while he is deep in character, preparing for a role in a horror creature feature. She then uncovers many intimate details about the project he is preparing for, and involves herself in the creative process.