WOYZECK PROJECT is a film adaptation of Georg Buchner’s famously incomplete 19th century play WOYZECK. The play tells the story of a young man driven to murder while undergoing a medical experiment in which he is forced to eat nothing but peas for an entire year. The mysterious nature of the play was groundbreaking for its time because of the way it explored mental illness. To add to the mystery, the play was left unfinished and possibly out-of-order at the time of Buchner’s death in 1837. It has inspired countless adaptations.

WOYZECK PROJECT is the first time the play has been adapted into a sci-fi film.

Film Synopsis:
In the future, the New York Stock Exchange collapses and the U.S. is unable to settle its debt with China. All American assets are taken under Chinese control. In this film, we follow Franz Woyzeck through his battle against government controlled medical experimentation including mind control.

The film was co-written by Chicago-based filmmakers Erin Malysa and Craig Erpelding (also the film’s director). It was produced as a joint collaboration between DePaul Digital Cinema students, Dynanmite Film Productions and Oracle Productions.