laura k smith


Why Free Art For All?

Art For All is a call to action; a hymn in praise of engagement.  Art For All is an invitation to believe in the power of marrying the rational mind with the magical heart.  Art For All is in each of us, the soldiers fighting to maintain a singular life.

Oracle is the home of Art For All and thus a home for all of us.

What do you do at Oracle?

laura k believes it is the artist’s responsibility to challenge their audience, their peers, and themselves.  She strives to create an engaged and comfortable environment where each member of both the onstage and offstage ensembles feels free to create and express their wants and curiosities.  laura k believes collaboration under a central vision is the foundation of a successful experience for both artist and audience, while courage and communication are the brick and mortar.  She delights in specificity, asymmetry, and the balance between rapture and awareness.


laura k likes lollipops and lattes, motorcycles and music,  and whiskey and whimsy.

With Oracle, laura k directed X Minus One for The Return of Radio GogglesMy Favorite Husband for The Original Radio Goggles, and The Saint for The Radio Movement’s 2011 Holiday Tour; assitant directed The MotherAccidental Death of an AnarchistThe SandmanBlood WeddingTermen Vox MachinaScotland Road, and ShowGame, Live! from the Milky Way (for which she also acted as game-maker); stage managed Scotland Road and Actor’s Nightmare/Sister Mary; assistant stage managed Tape.

Before coming home to Oracle, laura k stage managed Hamlet with The Building Stage; assistant stage managed Practical Anatomy with Sanculottes Theater Company and Red Georgia Clay with Hypatia Theatre Company.

And so so many years ago, laura k graduated with a BFA in Directing from Millikin University.