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by Upton Sinclair
adapted and directed by Matt Foss
Music by Nicholas Tonozzi
Score by Sam Allyn

July 19 – September 6, 2014
Friday, Saturday and Monday nights at 8PM.
Sundays at 7PM.

Photos of THE JUNGLE

Matt Foss (director of 2013’s smash-hit WAITING FOR LEFTY) adapts and directs Upton Sinclair’s classic exposé on Chicago at the turn-of-the century

Originally published in 1906, Upton Sinclair’s novel tells the story of immigrants trying to find their way to the American Dream in the Chicago stockyards at the turn of the 20th century.  Sinclair tried to expose the economic disparity and corruption of the time, but audiences fixated on the horrid conditions in which their food journeyed to their tables, leaving Sinclair to lament that he, “aimed at the public’s heart and by accident hit its stomach.”  Foss’s world premiere adaptation confronts the squalid working conditions by focusing on the story of a small immigrant family from Lithuania, navigating what seems to be a rigged game.  As they fight for some kind of American Dream, the family will engage modern audiences in conflicts of immigration, class struggle, and the equal chance to fulfill their destinies.

Jeff Award winning composer, Nicholas Tonozzi (2014 Best Original Music for THE MOTHER at Oracle), creates a searing musical landscape infused with the Delta Blues as scored by Sam Allyn.  Oracle’s intimate storefront theatre is turned into a packing-plant filled with butcher-paper cows, live music and fast-paced action.  Don’t miss the latest spectacle from Chicago’s award winning free theatre.

Travis Delgado leads the ensemble as Jurgis, the young immigrant struggling to help his family.  Delgado was recently seen onstage in THE PRESIDENT.  Company Member Stephanie Polt plays his new wife Ona, and Company Member Havalah Grace plays Marija, Ona’s cousin. The ensemble features Rick ForeseeGrayson HeylDrew McCubbinColin MorganKate StaigerDylan Stuckey, and Thomas Wynne as Connor, the corrupt foreman at the packing plant.  Company Member Rory Jobst is understudy.

The creative team for THE JUNGLE includes Costume Design by Oracle’s Resident Costume Designer, Joan Pritchard. Original Music is composed by Nicholas Tonozzi.  Mr. Tonozzi is also the Music Director.  The score is written by Sam Allyn.  Mr. Allyn is also the Sound Designer and Live Musician.  The creative team also features Matt Foss (Scenic Design), Lighting Design byAntiShadows, LLC, Puppet Design by Jesse Mooney-Bullock, Puppet Direction by Taylor Bibat, and Graphic Design by Evelyn DeHais.  Joe Mazza (Brave Lux) is Oracle’s Resident Photographer.  Company Member Amy Hopkins is Stage Manager. Company Member Tony Santiago is Producer, and Company Member Justin Snyder is Technical Director. Lyndsay Kane is Casting Director for Oracle Productions. Max Truax is Artistic Director of Oracle Theatre. Ben Fuchsen is Executive Producer of Oracle Productions.

graphic design by Evelyn DeHais

graphic design by Evelyn DeHais