TONY SANTIAGO: Associate Artistic Director

Why Free Art For All?

Free Art for All is Radical.
It begs the question: “Why do many folks only value art that cost so much?”

Free Art for All reminds us that art is best when its made like a commodity and given like a gift.


Tony Santiago is the Associate Artistic Director of Oracle Theatre. Oracle Credits include: THE HAIRY APE, THE AMERICA PLAY, HAPPINESS: THE PURSUIT & OTHER TRAGEDIES, good friday, THE JUNGLE, ROMULUS, R+J: THE VINEYARD, Rachel Copelís †PETER & THE WOLF, Ike Holterís STAY LIT, and THE MIXTAPE PROJECT. †Tony graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a BFA Next Up- †A CHORUS OF HOPE with Lyric Operaís Chicago Voices and Harmony Hope & Healing.†